Why does my Ombre Brows fade into a RED color?

I get clients (done by other artists) with red brows from time to time. There are a few reasons why the brows would turn red but the 2 main reasons are highlighted below:


The pigment chosen for you was incorrect. See, there are many tones of brown pigments in the market. From red undertone to blue undertone, all of these browns are available for an artist to mix with. The problem is not the pigment but the artist not being able to identify the undertone of the brown pigment used. It does take a trained eye for this and if you are the unlucky one, you will end up with a red brow. Initially the brown color will appear a warmer brown but because Red pigment stays in the skin longer than yellow, then you will end up with only the red color on your skin after a few years. 


The skincare you use may contain ingredients that can alter the pigment color or you have undergone laser treatments that can alter the pigment color. Either way you should be informed of the types of ingredients to avoid to maintain your brow color. Pigments will degrade overtime and all embroideries will end up looking ‘milkish’ over a few years. This is due to the pigment sitting underneath the epidermis, but nevertheless your brows shouldn’t turn red. 

If you have red brows, you can still save your brows by going through a color correction procedure. In this procedure, your artist will choose the right color corrector to camouflage the red tone and change your brows to a yellow brown again. 

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