Is the SPMU (Semi Permanent Make Up) industry a suitable career for me?

Hi my name is Bev and here’s a little background about me. I was a makeup artist from 2007 till 2021, and since learning Ombre Powder Brows in 2019 I have found it to be my new passion in life. I decided to focus solely on SPMU from 2021 onwards and stopped offering makeup services entirely. My background in makeup definitely helped a lot with my SPMU career as I had experience in customer service, beauty, managing customer’s expectations and having an existing customer base. If you are from the beauty industry then you do have an upper hand when switching to SPMU but it is not essential. Like anything, if you have the willingness to succeed, you will be able to overcome any shortcomings.

Since starting my career in SPMU I have also offered classes to many students ranging from housewives to working nurses. My most successful students all had two commonalities: they were hard workers and passionate students. SPMU is definitely not an easy skill to master as it requires a deep understanding in skin biology, pigments, types of machine and so much more. It is with constant practice and feedback from my mentor that I was able to learn and improve fast. 

So in my opinion, you don’t need any prior experience in beauty although that would help a lot in the beginning stages but SPMU itself is an entirely different creature altogether. Even with my extensive knowledge in beauty and eyebrow, I was still very much a beginner when it came to SPMU. I made many mistakes early on in my work and later found out my initial course did not cover nearly enough information about machines, needles and pigments. I later learned a lot more in other online courses (thanks to the pandemic) and had a better understanding of SPMU altogether. 

So the chase for knowledge would not end on your first course, if anything, that would be your stepping stone to more knowledge. Each master has different skills and different understanding of SPMU that you will definitely benefit from. 

My students would often ask me for tips on how to gain traction in social media platforms and I make it a point in my class to cover both marketing and photography skills in order to help them. Being an SPMU artist also means being your own boss, marketing expert, photographer, videographer, customer relations officer and editor. So no, it is not an easy feat to be a multi-tasker but I do think that with practice it will become a habit for an artist to take a photo, edit it, put it up on social media, engage with the audience, translate engagement to actual financial exchange and the circle goes on. 

SPMU career is definitely a rewarding one both in terms of gaining customer’s satisfaction and financially. You are definitely in charge of pricing and the amount of customers you can take in depends only on how much you want to work. Although the competition is getting fierce, there is always a niche that you can carve out for yourself. Say for example, eyebrows, you can specialize in very natural eyebrows and be great at that. So even though there are many SPMU artists in the vicinity, you can still be booked out every month (with a lot of hardwork and creative marketing). It is really about how you market yourself and how you stay above the competition.

So if you are interested in pursuing SPMU as a career, take that small step, join that first class and put yourself out there. You may just be the next SPMU master in the making.

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