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Of course paling ketara is I gained so much knowledge than before. Explaination very detail. Nampak tu sincerity in teaching. Cara ajar same as my other teacher. But the most precious and appreciated is Teacher Bev suruh appreciate nilai kerja sendiri. Ini teda satu teacher pun yang ajar gini. And my mindset and goals totally change after having her as my mentor. Plus, mcm betul2 pigi school 😂. Sebab ada homework. Sudah pass baru dapat sijil. Tidak dapat sijil on the same day pun i dont mind coz at least this pushes me to be better. This concept pun sy suka. Shows that classes from bev is accredited and students will gain so much more in the future. Memang this is the best class and the best investment for me. ❤️ And most important juga bev rajin reply even before i started taking class with her. Most student mesti ada banyak question after class. Sebab bukan semua kita boleh catch up in one class. Communication after class is important for me too