What can I expect after getting my brow embroidery done?

Right after

Initially after the Ombre Powder Brows procedure, brows would look dark and bold. As the pigment will fade by 30-50%, artists would usually recommend a darker color so brows would heal to the expected brow color. 

A few hours after

Brows will continue to darken as pigments oxidize in the skin

One day later

Brows would look twice as dark from the initial procedure. Do not panic. This is what we call the ‘ugly phase’.

Two to five days later

Depending on the skin type, skin care routine and lifestyle, brows will start to scab and peel off. Refrain yourself from picking the scabs and let them fall naturally. If the scabs are picked out, the pigment retention will be poor in that area.

Up to two weeks later

Brows would have gone through a few phases by now, from dark to milky gray to a lighter version of the initial color. All of these are normal and to be expected. Once brows have fully shed and slowly reveal the final color (this would take 1 month), you are either due for a touch up or your brows have healed to the perfect color. A touch up is not mandatory and only required if there is a big gap to fill or the color has lightened too much.

Do bare in mind the aftercare steps are essential for a gorgeous healed result and both you and your artist are responsible for those brows. So do take care of them the best you can for longer lasting brows.

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